Effective Natural Cough Remedies for Children

Does your child suffering from whooping cough? If yes, then this article is for you. Read on the article to get some effective natural cough remedies. Mentioned home remedies for cough are safe for children and cause no side effects.

Why Natural Cough Remedies?

The biggest problem with children falling sick is the treatment that needs to be followed. If on one hand, the medication administration is a task, the irritability of the child and the loss of appetite make it even more difficult. This is why to stick to the best natural remedies is the most effective way. While some problems are time defined and heal in three to four days, some other problems can continue for longer and are painful for the child as well as the mother. One such issue is the whooping cough in children.

Whooping Cough is a prolonged form of cough that causes fever and body ache as its side effects and can be very painful for this child. To treat this cough, medication is available but a safe home remedies for cough may also be tried to expedite the process.

Home Remedies of Ginger and Basil for Cough