Get rid of the boring pimples at the buttocks!

We reveal a few useful tips to solve one of the biggest and most troubled summertime problems – pimples in the buttocks, which are created by dead skin cells and bacteria.

  1. Shower with products containing benzoyl peroxide

This ingredient is usually found in oily skin products that are prone to acne. It works by dries the fat cells of the skin, so the acne disappears.

  1. Regular peeling

When doing the peeling of the whole body, do not forget this area. This will remove dead skin cells. It’s enough to do peeling twice a week.

  1. Open the pores with salicylic acid

Closed pores on the buttocks will best be opened with salicylic acid, which is found in the anti-acne products, and which acts on the skin on the face, will act on this part of the body. It is enough to apply several times a week.