If You Eat 1 Bananas Per Day for A Month: This Is What Happens To Your Body!

Bananas are the most consumed fruit in the USA, having beaten apples and oranges to the top spot. They are cheap, so people buy them in bunches and eat them for a week.

They are greenish at the start, but they ripen and yellow quickly. Eventually, bananas get brown spots on their peel, which are growing big fast. Many people are grossed out by this, thinking the fruit has rotten, but this is not the case with bananas.

Ripe bananas are healthy and contain more TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor)# than usual. TNF is a cancer fighting substance that can fight tumor cells in the body, assisting communication between cells in our immune system and guiding them towards inflamed parts in our body.

Below are a few of the main ones that bananas can give you, so check it out:

1. Heartburn

Bananas are nature’s anti-acid and can provide relief from heartburn and acid reflux. Soothing relief can happen immediately by eating just one banana and lessen your heartburn symptoms.

2. Anemia

By providing much needed dietary iron, which stimulates red blood cell and hemoglobin production and strengthens the blood supply they can help those with anemia.

3. Energy

Before a workout if you need more energy try eating  a banana or two.The vitamins and minerals will support  your body  and potassium will help to prevent muscle cramps.

4. Ulcers

Many foods are off limits when you suffer from stomach ulcers, but bananas can be eaten without having to worry about whether or not they’ll cause pain. That’s because their smooth, soft, mushy texture coats the stomach lining and protects it against corrosive acids and irritation.