Camping trips and bicycle rides during the summer can lead to nasty cases of poison ivy, oak, and sumac.

The oil named urushiol causes the itchy and blistering rash. It can be found in the leaves, stems, and roots, and can easily stick to the skin and clothes. The rash is not contagious, but is very uncomfortable. The symptoms are: redness, itching, swelling, and blisters. The rashes will heal on their own within a few weeks, but that is too much pain and suffering.

There is a way to make the rush less irritating and quicken the recovery process.

Turmeric and lemon juice – mix equal parts of turmeric and lemon (or lime) juice and apply it on the rash, letting it soak for 15 minutes. You will be amazed how it acts very fast.
Dishwashing liquid – once the first sign of oak, poison ivy, or sumac appears, rub dishwashing liquid on the affected spot. Repeat this on daily basis until the rash disappears. This is great for treating mosquito bites.
Apple cider vinegar – it kills the poison that is causing the rash. Soak a brown paper bag in ACV and place it on the affected spot to draw the toxins out effectively.
Watermelon rind – keep the rind next time you eat watermelon. You may use it as a cold compress in relieving the itchiness.
Baking soda – mix 3 tbsp. of baking soda with 1 tsp of water and apply it on the blistering spot. This paste ill dry and flake off. You may dip gauze pads in greater quantity of the solution and apply them on the rash for 10 minutes a day.
Buttermilk – the proteins this ingredient contains will assist in draining the fluid from poison ivy blister and soothe itchiness. Mix equal amounts of salt, vinegar, and buttermilk, and apply it on the rash. You will feel instant relief. You can also mix buttermilk with warm water and apply it on the rash if you have found that heat helps in soothing the itchiness.
Cucumber – they have cooling properties, thus place some slices on the rash, or apply mashed cucumber as a kind of paste on the affected area.
Oatmeal – it will help in drawing out the poisonous serum and also dry the sores and soothe inflammation. Pour oats in a bath and soak for some time. You can also use oats as a compress applied directly on the rash.

If you apply some of the remedies here you will get an instant relief