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Tastebuds Beware! This top 10 list will make you tuck in your napkin, grab a fork and start to salivate. Vienna is widely known for it’s rich music culture, but its culinary scene is on the rise to share that spotlight. After a week indulging in the diverse food and drinks of Vienna, these were my top finds… Guten Appetit!

10. Wiener Schnitzel

Vienna is locally referred to as Wien, which is how “wiener schnitzel” got it’s name. A thin slice of veal seasoned with salt, dredged with flour, coated with eggs and battered with breadcrumbs. Fried for a few minutes in oil and served with lemon. The recipe dates back to the 1800’s and variations of it exist in other parts of the world, referred to as milanese. The Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper is the most popular place in Vienna for this historic recipe.

Wiener Schnitzel

9. Coffee at Freud’s Coffee Shop

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