Warning Never Reheat These 7 Foods. They Can Poison Your Family!!!

Reheating food in the microwave is a common kitchen ritual in modern America. However, some foods are not “meant” to be consumed reheated.

Avoid reheating the foods on this list in order to avoid potential health problems. 7 Foods that shouldn’t be warmed and eaten again.


  • Reheated mushrooms present the highest health risk.
  • In general, mushrooms, should be eaten and finished right after preparation.
  • Proteins can deteriorate as soon as you cut them up, and that’s bad news for your belly.


  • They may be a morning staple and protein powerhouse, but eggs should not be exposed to heat time and again.
  • Reheating eggs at high temperatures (after they have been boiled or fried) can make them especially toxic and wreak havoc in your digestive tract.


  • Potatoes have many health benefits.
  • However, those benefits and their dietary quality are lost if you don’t eat them the same day that you’ve cooked them.
  • Eating them on another day and reheating them makes them dangerous for your body.


  • Chicken is exceptionally dangerous when eaten a day after being prepared.
  • It can cause some digestive problems because the structure of proteins changes the following day.
  • Chicken meat should be eaten cold.
  • Chicken meat should be eaten cold.
  • If you absolutely need to reheat the chicken, be sure to do it at a low temperature for a long period.
  • The best way to consume stored chicken is to put it in a cold salad or a cold sandwich.


  • Like a number of other leafy greens, spinach is rich in iron and nitrates.
  • In the case of reheating, these nitrates can transform into nitrites and other known carcinogens.
  • Spinach should only be eaten immediately after being cooked.


  • People usually use celery to prepare soups.
  • Celery also contains nitrates that transform into nitrites after being reheated.
  • If you’ve made a soup with celery in it, you should either eat the whole soup immediately or remove the celery before you warm the soup.


  • Beets are another food that contains nitrates and are very harmful and destructive to the body if reheated.